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The publication team for the Leoletter is a volunteer group. We will do our very best to include all approved submissions, and your attention to necessary formatting will make our task much easier.

All information must be typed using the guidelines, and sent (spell checked and proofed) to LL editor by the deadline.
Files should be emailed to editor @

Submit all files with the extension "doc" or docx (use Microsoft Word).
Submit photos as separate attachment. Place a note within your text to indicate picture placement if you have something particular in mind. A Note about pictures:
Please remember we will need photos of a rather high resolution—300dpi is the suggested minimum. TIFF, JPG, EPS, PSD, GIF, PICT are all acceptable formats.
General typing guidelines:
§ Only put one space (not two) after each period.
§ Do not bold, underline, or use all CAPS (unless indicated by these directions elsewhere).
§ Use hard returns (Enter) only to end a paragraph and begin a new one.
§ Set first line indent to separate one paragraph from another. Do not use a tab, spaces, or a blank line.
§ Single space and left justify all information (unless indicated by these directions elsewhere). Let the computer wrap the text across the page; don't worry about how it looks.
§ Use only one tab between columns. Do not put more than 1 tab, even if the information does not line up on your screen. If you would like to have the information line up, set your tabs accordingly.


Ads should be submitted as a high resolution PDF, JPG or EPS.
All fonts should be converted to outlines (or, if that is not possible, embedded).
For best results, create your PDF file by first creating a postscript file then using Acrobat Distiller. Distiller options may be obtained from the point of contact below.
The page size of your ad should be the actual final ad size. Document size must match ad size using the dimensions listed.
Attach all linked files (TIFF, EPS) utilized, even if they are embedded within the file.
For B/W ads: create your document either in grayscale mode or using 100 K. Do not use CMY (rich black) to make your black elements.
For our reference, please include a black & white hard copy of the ad as it should appear. You may fax, mail or email.
If you would like your photos, disks and CDs returned, please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope.
Photograph, Images & Graphics Standards

Photos should be clear and focused, with the subject dominating the foreground of the picture.
For best results, photos submitted electronically should be 300 dpi and as an EPS, JPG or TIF format. Ideally photos should be at least 3 inches x 5 inches.
Please do not cut your photograph; instead let us know how you would like the image cropped and we will crop it electronically.
Photos or slides may be mailed or e-mailed to editor @
Please note that the LeoLetter Editorial Team accepts no responsibility for verifying your rights to use the images you submit.

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