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Hall of Fame Inductees 2016 on

Heart of Gold's Give Me Five "Koda" owned by Paul Albert - inducted under Service (Therapy) - December 2016
Anchor von Alpensee "Anchor" owned by Deanna Alko - inducted under WaterWork - February 2017
Bevard's Juma "Juma" owned by Katie Hladky under Service (Therapy) - October 2017
Starhavens Kepler Harmonices "Kepler" owned by Katia Simmons under Service (Therapy) - October 2017
Aslan von Alpensee "Aslan" owned by Jennifer O'Keefe under Service (Therapy) - October 2017
Bludrift's Bold Lion's Roar "Leo" owned by Tiffanie Coe & Luanne Moede (Conformation) - January 2018
Bludrift's Champagne Taste of Diamonds "Champagne" (Conformation) - January 2018
Khaimas’ From Me to You "Dario" owned by Alida Greendyk (Conformation) - January 2018
Bluebonnet's Joyful Goose A Laying Ziva "Ziva" owned by Wendy Jones (Versatility) - December 2018
Starfire Enya "Enya" owned by Julie Strauss (Agility) - March 2019
Forevergreen’s Woodstock "Abe" owned by Susan and Steve Cipolla (Versatility) - March 2019
Forevergreen’s Woodstock "Abe" owned by Susan and Steve Cipolla (Drafting) - June 2019
Lovable Tanzania of Serengeti "Tanza" owned by Sue Sheftic (Versatility) - October 2019


Gallery of the Original Hall of Fame Inductees
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Outstanding in Conformation

These Leonbergers have outstanding records in the Conformation Show Ring.

Outstanding in Service Excellence

The Leonbergers in this Gallery have excelled as Therapy Dog (200+visits), Service Dogs or in Search & Rescue .

Distinguished Performance

The Leonbergers in this Gallery have distinguished themselves by attaining at least a Third Level Title in performance venues. Leonbergers holding the first or only title for a Leonberger in a performance venue are also included in this Gallery.

Versatile Leos

The Leonbergers in this Gallery have earned the LCA Versatile Leo Excellent (VLX) title, AKC Versatile Companion 1 title or were nominated for demonstrating the versatile abilities of a Leonberger as an outstanding canine citizen.

Significant Firsts

The Leonbergers in this Gallery were the first to attain recognition or a particular title in an activity that demonstrated the many abilities of our wonderful breed and encouraged other Leonberger fanciers to pursue even higher levels of achievement.

Nationality Specialty Winners

The Leonbergers in this Gallery won Best in Specialty (BISS) or Best of Opposite in Specialty (BOS) at the annual LCA National Specialty from 1986 through 2014.

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