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Policy for Pictures in "Leos in the AKC"

One image per dog will be posted in the "Leos in the AKC" each quarter. All wins for that quarter may be included with this picture.

Policy on publishing official show photos for the National Specialty

1 - Contract with the Official photographer for the National specialty will require that images of all major winners be made available to the Leoletter show chair. (shows @
2 - The Leoletter will publish show photos of major winners** unless owners submit alternative images by the publishing deadline to shows @
3 - Other show photos are welcome to be submitted
** Major winners include: First place in each class (including non-regular and Best Puppy, Best Spay/Neuter), Best Youth Dog, Bitch and Veteran, WB, WD, Reserve WB, Reserve WD, BOW, BOB, BOO, Junior Showmanship (including PeeWee), and Sweeps.

>Policy for Listing Breedings/Litters on the Website and LeoLetter.

For members to have information on matings and litters listed on the LCA website or in the LeoLetter, they must be current in payment of membership and breeder fees, and:
1. Submit a Breeding Activity Form (BAF) to the LCA Breeders Assistant for every breeding/litter pursuant to the LCA Member Practices, Required Breeding Practices (RBPs), paragraph 7.
2. Comply with RBPs as to all breedings (Including submission of BAF, p. 2). Non-compliance will result in no breedings/litters being listed unless permission is granted by the LCA Board of Directors (Board).
Petitions for permission shall be directed to the LCA Secretary for consideration at the next regular Board meeting.
As a matter of courtesy, it is also requested that breeders:
1. Let the Breeders Assistant know when the bitch is pregnant, and again when pups are born, so the website can be updated; and
2. Again inform the Breeders Assistant when pups are placed, so the listing can be removed from the website. Otherwise, after 12 weeks the listing will be automatically removed. Questions on this policy may be directed to the Breeders Assistant, who is in charge of its implementation.

Policy for Extra Copies

For LCA Members: copies are $10 each. A 10% discount is given if 5 or more copies are ordered. A 20% discount is given if 10 or more copies are ordered.
Non-LCA Members may purchase 1 copy (other than the National Specialty issue or issues containing sensitive club business) for $25. The issue will be sent with an LCA membership application.
Inquiries for purchase of previous issues should be sent to chair @

Advertising Policy

Advertising is important to the on-going publication of the Leoletter and we welcome all submissions. Read the full advertising policy.
Products can not be "promoted" under the auspices of information articles.
No advertisements will be accepted from:
–any organization or party that promotes behavior unacceptable to the LCA.
–political parties, public office candidates, or those promoting ballot issues.
–personal or single ads; ads are accepted for goods and services only.
–any advertisement for professional handling services.
Ads must clearly identify the product/service provided and the name of the company or person advertising.
The LCA and the LeoLetter will not endorse any product.
Ad space is limited in the LeoLetter, and at times there may be a waiting list. When ad space fills for a particular issue, advertisers will be contacted with the option of waiting for the next issue, resizing or changing color of the ad, or full refund.
Accepting your ad or payment does not constitute a contract to publish. We reserve the right to limit advertising space or cancel any advertisement at any time, for any reason deemed appropriate by our Editorial Staff. Payments for ads not placed will be returned.
In each issue, a half page ad each for LeoRescue, Leos In Need Rescue and LeoHealth Foundation will be offered at no cost to the organization. Additional ad space or an upgrade may be purchased by these organizations at a 20% discount.
The National Specialty Committee will be allotted ad space twice each year to be placed in the issue of their choice. It is the organizations' and committees' responsibility to submit the ad materials by the submissions deadline. A new ad for each issue is preferred.
Ad placement is by the Production Staff for best visual contrast on the page. Due to layout constraints, we cannot guarantee specific requests for page or location, but requests will be considered.
Pre-printed inserts will be accepted at our option for a charge of $100, single sheets only, full run. Inserts must be printed on colored paper. We will accept reservations with a sample of the pre-printed material. Please contact the LeoLetter Editor before the submissions deadline. Payment and printouts of your insert must be received by 10 days after the submissions deadline. As a service, the LeoLetter will be responsible for getting the insert printed by prearrangement with the Editor. Printing fees will be charged to the member or organization requesting the insert in addition to the $100 per piece insert fee.
Special ads (back cover, inside cover, etc.) are assigned on a first-come basis. Payment must be received for consideration.
Hard copy photos will be returned only if accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope.
Submission of photos to the LeoLetter is understood as permission to use, now and in the future, at the LeoLetter's discretion, unless a letter specifying restrictions for use accompanies the photo.
All ads must contain the required information which can be found at: Ad Submission Information or contact us for a copy by mail.
Design services offered at no charge.

Cover Policy

On the cover, the LeoLetter would like to express and explore the versatility of our great breed. The Leonberger is first and foremost, a treasured part of the family. The LCA recognizes and supports this. Besides being "more than a dog" to us, the Leonberger is gifted with many talents and skills—from therapy and rescue; to athletics; to herding and draft. On the cover of the LeoLetter, we feel it serves the Club best to feature "Leos being Leos" or "Leos in action" in these many ways. This will tell the world more about the Leonberger, and honor some of the unsung heroes among us. Only LCA member dogs will be printed.
Please see the details below:
In the issue following the National Specialty Show, In the issue following the National Specialty Show, first option of Front Cover is given to the Best of Specialty Show Winner with the Back Cover for the Best of Opposite at no charge. The Inside Front Cover is given to the AKC Best of Breed from the LCA National Specialty Show. The Inside Back Cover is given to the AKC Best of Opposite Sex from the LCA National Specialty Show.
For the remaining 3 issues, Front Covers will be a photo contest per the theme selected by the LeoLetter. Solicitations for photos on that theme will be printed in the current issue and posted on the Members List. The winning photo(s) will be placed on the cover at the LeoLetter's discretion. We reserve the right to add the non-selected photos to the LeoLetter photo library for possible future use (subject to restrictions). For example:
---If the theme is agility, the LeoLetter will solicit photos of agility dogs in action. The selected photo will be incorporated into the cover design. A description of the "on the cover" dog information will be printed elsewhere in the LeoLetter. Non-selected photos will be filed for possible future use by the LeoLetter. Back Cover, inside covers will be sold on a first come basis.

Editorial Policy

Our promise to the LCA:

We will promote LCA club business and be a positive force for the protection and betterment of all Leonbergers.
We will explore all the Leonberger is to us–our magnificent giant dog, our beloved family member, our intelligent and goofy companions, and of course, our gorgeous show dogs and talented working dogs.
We will be a resource to new and experienced owners and lovers of our great breed.
We will work towards greater education about Leonbergers and being "owned by" them.
We will offer a forum for Club members to share their news and advertise their messages.
Due to space limitations or editorial needs, we cannot promise all submissions will be printed in each issue. Also, we will not print anything deemed harmful to the Leonberger or our treasured Club, and we reserve the write to edit all submissions due to space considerations.
We will work hard, on behalf of the club, but do our best to keep it fun as well.
We welcome your participation in each issue of the LeoLetter. This is your publication and your Club. You don't have to wait for the deadline, submissions are always accepted for photos, drawings, news, letters, and any member contribution.
The Leo Letter welcomes submissions from all LCA members in good standing. You may also submit photos to the Leo Letter!
The LeoLetter Editorial Staff reserve the rights to review and/or deny any submissions it deems inappropriate.

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