Working Dog Program Suggestion / Comment Form

Although our dogs are extremely versatile, there are several areas that are core to the breed.  These include Therapy work, Obedience, Waterwork and Drafting. These venues are emphasized in the program.


The purpose of this form is to give LCA members a path to recommend changes, additions and updates to the Leonberger Working Dog Program.  The program will be periodically reviewed and all submissions will be considered.


Our present venues include: 

Conformation Agility Drafting
WaterWork Obedience Rally
Therapy/Community Tracking Nosework
Barnhunt Dock Diving Flyball
Coursing Ability Packing  

Use this section if you would like to see additional titles added to our program or a change in point value for recognized titles.


Please use this section if you are recommending point changes in the chart of points.  Please supply information to support your request.

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